Still Wedding

I’ve made the leap back into wedding photography!
Not one that I took lightly… it requires me to be more of a planner (organized), and a bit of a gear-head. Neither of these things come naturally for me, but if I don’t venture out of my areas of comfort, then I’ll never grow, right?
So… thank you Lisa for having faith in me and for encouraging me to stretch myself!
You and Jamin are truly, lovely people and I felt blessed to try and capture that.
You were such a trooper, Lisa! It was quite cold and rainy, but you weren’t phased by that… in fact, Jamin and I were more worried about you and your dress than you were.

Jamin’s expression… hilarious.

I had so much fun seeing you two together, I can’t imagine a better match of personalities.
The invitations and programs were made from Jamin’s artwork! That. is. beautiful.

Lisa you are a beauty!

Pure joy on their faces!


Work it guys!

Beautiful girls.

So, I’m pretty convinced that this wedding party was about as fun as they get.
The sisters do their “mom-face”.

I can’t remember what started this fight, but it got pretty ugly!


I thought a baby was a pretty generous gift!
And whoever wrapped this has got skills.
THE prettiest flower-girls!
Calvin was ready to wallop them with this huge pile of leaves!

The leaf-toss was one of my favorite parts of the day, so colorful!



I love it that the Father of the Bride and his brothers were playing cards at the reception!

Thank you Jamin and Lisa!
It really was a gift for me to be a part of your lovely day!
I am so excited for this new chapter in your lives, God is so good.
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