Response to Bethany’s Suzie Homemaker Blog Entry

It’s completely apparent to me that it is only God’s grace that anything worthwhile, challenging or encouraging comes out of my lips. Especially amidst the jumble of my self-absorbed sharing and disjointed, half-baked thoughts.

I treasure our friendship, talks and time together. You are dear to me! God knows what a good gift He’s given me in you.

I love this post; your thoughts, verses, sharing conviction and the pictures! Personally, in reflection, I think it was more the idea (candles and music, attitude and reception more importantly) I’d been given, that I should make efforts to make home a welcoming place for Philip to come home to.

I still have to remind myself not to bombard him with all I’ve accomplished with my day as well as rattling off the challenges to him… he doesn’t do that to me. How wearisome that can be, right? He values what I am doing, and I am also thankful that he works outside the home to enable me to be at home with Evie. I would NOT want to trade.

Maybe it’s the selfish and self-protective part of me (the perspective that the world endorses), that I pick that chip back up and put it on my shoulders… and feel things like these: see how much I do? how hard this is? it doesn’t stop at 5pm! value me, validate my life, do more to help me, me, me!

Thanks for the perspective check, Bethany. All of that is seeking my glory, not God’s. But, if I change my heart and remember that I am living to reflect God’s faithfulness, then I will experience what is MOST fulfilling, as that is what I was created to do!

Besides those major players of perspective and attitude, more tangibly I try to prep Evie to receive daddy home with excitement. And it’s been so good to see her learn to say caring things like, “How was your day, daddy?” and “We missed you today!” and then she’ll tell him some of the highlights of our day. And in my turn I have a good opportunity to affirm the good things that she did that day by telling him how pleased I was that she… didn’t argue or fuss about something, or that she took a good nap, etc. That seems to affirm her growth and share with him those little accomplishments that we have.

Hmm, maybe I need to do a blog entry in response to this topic, so much to say and think through!

January 28, 2011 3:44 PM

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